Album Title: Songs Improvised Into a 4-Track 

Artist: Cora and Michael

Description: Throughout their 7 years of marriage, Michael and Cora would improvise songs into a four-track. 

Some are songs were very sad (i.e.; Cora's song about her dead mother) 

However, most songs are very funny. 

By the way, Cora and Michael are currently getting divorced. 

Price: a drawing and a story about a difficult moment you experienced with someone you love(d) OR 2 sheets of cardboard or paper measuring 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters with a fingernail and a pubic hair attached to each piece of paper or cardboard. That's a grand total of 2 fingernails and 2 pubic hairs. 

The submitted pube/nail pieces will be used for some kind of public art display. Your name won't be mentioned unless you want it to be.


To hear a sample, click here.

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