There is no shopping cart.  I don't accept credit cards.  

Just send your orders to me care of:

Consumption Records
144 Cowan Ave.
Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 2N6

Also, you can e-mail your orders to me at: my email address

NOTE: The Consumption Records store is Currently in Hibernation due to Relocation.  All Back Orders will be Honoured. 

When the store is up and runnin again, all levels of so-called "artistic talent" will be accepted as per usual. 

.....So don't worry about your art not being good enough.



Thanks to everyone who helped out, including Jesse and especially Dave for all their computer help {Dave makes the site happen!}.  Also thanks to Mr. Coifficoff, Steven Kado, J-hole, my intern Alex, and all the rest of youse.


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